Recent Works

R Wall

Reese Wallace is a 24 year old artist living in the suburbs of Salt Lake City, Utah. His art career began in earnest seven years ago when he began mentoring under Terry Huff. With his and numerous other local artists’ feedback, Reese improves his work through frank communal critique. This has enabled his work to evolve uniquely, appealing both to the artistic community and common man of the street. Reese believes that modern culture is too homogenized at every tier, leading to apathy outside of and even within the target audience. Rather than cater to any one genre, his art combines the real with the fantastic, the moments with the emotions; Reese holds up a mirror for the viewer rich with context and meaning. Using oil paints, a visceral color palette, and an eye for detail, he captures the sheer raw emotion of the piece and demands it be respected. These techniques have proved compelling as business improves hand-in-hand with his techniques. Reese has done album art for various local artists, been included in a variety of underground shows, and has art displayed all along the valley. An extremely ambitious artist who regularly completes four paintings a month, Reese’s art is evolving recklessly into truly new territory. It is a journey that will never end, as Reese is committed to endlessly continuing his art education and communicating with as many people as possible. Join him if you’re ready